Obama Joins the Fight

OK, I slammed Barack mercilessly after his deplorable first Debate. In fairness, I acknowledge here that he had Mitt by the throat from the opening bell and—with the help of a competent moderator—kept him on his knees and beat on him without remorse for 90 minutes. Obama may still not care about the Nation or be bored with his Presidency; he may achieve as little in his second term as he did in his first. But at least he apparently cares about his manhood. We need to smash this lackey and front for the Filthy Rich and Corporations; this Privileged Rich White Boy, Mitt Romney, and his sparrow fart sidekick, Paul Ryan. We need to take him down hard. Obama is now ready to do that; good for him. He’s not very Black, but apparently he is Black enough! Let’s do this…


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